Industry Standards

       I've spoken about automotive repair industry standards before on our podcast, in this article I will continue some of my thoughts. I personally believe that car repair shops shouldn't mark up their auto parts, so because of that we don't. I am a mechanic and not a parts salesman. Honest mechanic shops are hard to come by these days and it is partially due to the standards that have embedded themselves in the auto repair world. When shops are not making money on oil changes they are building in the incentive to need to bill for unnecessary services. We do not follow that practice so that you can be sure that if we recommend a repair , it is necessary for your vehicle and not just to make up for lost profits on the oil change.

      Another problem i see in car repair shops is the way they pay their mechanics. When most mechanics do not make much money on their base pay and are given commission incentives, it builds in the motivation to just sell hours of labor so the mechanic can make enough money to make ends meet and though they may not start off as dishonest, they will soon adopt this practice because everyone else does it and they need to pad that paycheck.

     Car repair is a complex trade and involves a lot of technical phrases and often times the customer does not understand what the mechanic is talking about and the repair shops know this. They will sometimes explain the diagnostics in a confusing way that will convince the customer to proceed with the car repair. We strive to help our customers understand the diagnosis of their vehicle and why the repair is necessary.

    Automotive shops have large overheads and so they need to charge more to stay in business. Mobile mechanics have a lower cost to operate so if they model their business right the savings can be passed on to the customer. As a mobile mechanic shop we can also offer a much more convenient experience that is the least invasive way to get your vehicle repaired without disrupting you day.

   Our High level of professionalism and automotive expertise is something we hope to be a better standard for the industry in the future and we will continue to lead by example in the mobile mechanic world to help shape the future of the automotive repair industry.


 Diagnostics of vehicles is a tricky and complex process that the typical lame and doesn't always know about so your car mechanic is going to have to run several tests dependent upon what the vehicles problems . car repair begins with the Diagnostics of the vehicle and the vehicle can be diagnosed with many different various tests a lot of car repair shops will rely heavily upon their Diagnostics computers which is not necessarily a bad thing for some of the problems that you'll find in a vehicle your computer can and will tell you what's wrong with it however some auto shops will rely too heavily on that and forget the basic principles of Diagnostics we pride ourselves in our ability at Matt's mobile mechanix  to diagnose accurately so that part's are not being replaced in your vehicle for no reason Mobile Mechanics have a particular challenge that they faced with Diagnostics of vehicles in some cases just because of the fact that they repairs are done on site so since the repairs are done on site it does require a little bit of Ingenuity to appropriately diagnosed the issues that we will see in the vehicle so that way we could make the repair in the most accurate manner with the in the most cost-effective way. auto repair for tactics in order to diagnose the vehicles issues a skilled technician is going to follow the appropriate troubleshooting tree with the based off of the symptoms that are being produced by your vehicle most car mechanics are going to diagnose the problem in the quickest simplest steps possible however sometimes it does require complex steps in order to appropriately diagnose the vehicles issues Auto Repair hinges on the ability to diagnose the vehicle as accurately as possible in order to reduce the amount of cost associated with the car repair some Mobile Mechanics do not put the money and time and investment into learning how to diagnose a vehicle appropriately and some may not even Black by the right Diagnostics tools however this mobile mechanic does Automotive repairs can be best diagnosed utilizing the vehicle repair manuals Diagnostics tree but sometimes experience is kind of hard to replace in this particular instance most auto repair facilities will not work based off of the previous repair facilities Diagnostics any Smart Shop is going to diagnose their own car repairs because sometimes the previous Diagnostics were inaccurate or perhaps they didn't have all of the information and the symptoms of the vehicle as a car owner it is important to disclose the symptoms most accurately as you can to the car repair facility when speaking with a mobile mechanic if you leave out particular details whether it be something that's embarrassing to disclose because you ran it out of oil and drove it for 5 miles without oil then it could be you could say you could be saving yourself a lot of time and Hansel and money if you just tell the give all of the information to the mechanic right from the start If the mechanic doesn't the basically any problem with a vehicle can be solved given the right amount of information if you have enough information you can come up with a solution and formulate the appropriate response to the cars problems and appropriately diagnose and come up with a auto repair method because most shops will not go off of previous Diagnostics that means that they need to to perform their own Diagnostics and may ask you is repeating questions that you've already answered at the previous car repair facility so whenever you do speak with your mobile mechanic make sure that you are patient with their questions if they ask the right questions they can usually come up the right information they can lead to a better diagnosis of your vehicle and get your car repaired and on the road as quickly as possible and most cost-effectively the name of the game is to come up with the most affordable efficient solution to repair your vehicle as best as possible 

Mobile Mechanic

One of the big advantages of a mobile mechanic is that the repairs can be done on site for convenience to the customer. The advantage that a mobile mechanic has over a traditional automotive repair shop is also the low overhead that allows for cheaper labor rates and savings on auto parts for the customer. The convenience of having a mobile mechanic come to you means you don’t have to spend hours in a mechanic shop waiting for your car repair to be done or having to schedule a ride back and forth. Most auto shops will also take days if not weeks to get your car repair finished. Matt’s Mobile Mechanix can often times provide same day service or at least within the week and the best part is your car never has to be away from you during the repair process. 

Having your car repaired at a mechanic shop can be a frustrating experience at an already frustrating time, but with a mobile mechanic you can have your car fixed in the least disruptive way that will impact your life as minimally as possible. Car repairs are often times not planned and can be a strain on your finances so why not save some money on your car repair labor and auto parts prices. Matt’s Mobile Mechanix never marks up the cost of your auto parts so you can save money with our commercial discount through our parts stores.

A skilled mechanic can come to you at your house or your work or wherever your vehicle is broken down. Your car repair can be done on site in a timely fashion that will save you money on your repair bill. 

Auto shops will often times mark up their parts to help cover their high overhead. A mobile mechanic can provide the same level of service at a lower cost.

What type of auto repairs can be done on site? A skilled mechanic can do anything on site from oil changes to engine rebuilds. Transmission replacement, alternators, starters, engine swaps, and much more can all be done on site. The need for a fixed location is no longer a reality with new technologies in tools, diagnostics that allow a mechanic to do even the largest of maintenance tasks on site with the same efficiency as a fixed location auto repair facility.

If your car is broken down you can all you have to do is give Matt’s Mobile Mechanix a call and a mechanic can come to your location to repair your car no matter what the issue is.

Auto parts often times come with warranties that most mechanic shops do not track or transfer to the owner of the vehicle. We will track all auto parts warranties even if you sell your vehicle you can provide them with a list of parts that are under warranty to get the most money out of your vehicle if you have our mechanics perform the repairs on your vehicle.

2007 Jeep Commander

                                                           2007 Jeep Commander Limited

                                              4.7 V8 / 5 speed 545RFE / Quadra-Drive II 4X4

           In this video series I will be reviewing vehicles under $10,000 and I thought that I would start with one of my favorites: the Jeep Commander. Full disclosure I own this Jeep, however, I believe that I can convey a relatively unbiased opinion and give you an objective review on this vehicle.

          Let’s start with some history. The Jeep Commander had a relatively short run and was only produced for the 2006 through 2010 model years. It was a vehicle ahead of its time and perhaps if it was released today it would have survived the market, but then if it was you wouldn’t be able to get such a great vehicle for so low a price. When the jeep commander was released I wanted one, but it was a very pricey luxury SUV and that is one of the reasons it didn’t remain in production for very long. When this beast was released it had an MSRP of over $40,000 and though that may not seem above par in today’s market, over ten years ago in the midst of a recession it was a tough market for an expensive luxury SUV. Couple that fact with gas prices rising above $4/gallon it was a tough market for SUVs let alone a $40,000 one. Chrysler also saw a trend with sales that led them to ultimately end the Commander’s run. They noticed that the number of Commander sales almost directly correlated with the decline in Jeep Cherokee sales meaning that they weren’t really gaining new customers with this new model, merely stealing sales from their own product therefore making it difficult to justify producing two different models for the same customer base. Ultimately in 2011 the Commander was replaced by the Dodge Durango which seemed to cater to a different demographic and ended my dreams of owning one.

           Fast forward eight years and I find myself in the market for a family vehicle that can fit me, my wife, and four kids. The Jeep Commander once again surfaces on my radar and to my surprise they are very affordable. My Commander only cost me $8,500. So what does $8,500 get you?

          This is a 2007 Jeep Commander Limited with a 235 hp 4.7L Powertech V8 that has 290lb/ft of torque with a 545RFE 5 speed automatic transmission and the Quadra-Drive II 4x4 system with electronic limited slip differentials and a 6,500 lb towing capacity.

         This Jeep had less than 150,000 miles on it when I bought it, I know that sounds like a lot to some folks but believe me when I say: these powertrains can survive over 300,000 miles if taken care of and considering the steep original purchase price of these Jeeps most of them have been well cared for.

        The interior is a grey leather with heated front seats, dual power seats and a two driver memory button that allows you to save your preferences. The driver memory will set the seat position, pedal position, radio station, and mirrors for you so if you have more than one driver, you don’t have to spend 15 minutes trying to get the seat “just right”. The driver memory can even be programmed to a specific key fob, so when I unlock the Jeep with my fob it sets the seat and various setting to me and likewise for my wife with her key fob. 

        There is a large sunroof in the front that opens fully or can be set to vent and two non opening sunroofs in the middle row for a cool view of the sky. It has remote start, automatic rain sensing windshield wipers and parking sensors. There is a six disc CD changer (not that anyone uses CDs anymore) and 6 premium Boston Acoustics Speakers, AM/FM and XM satellite radio. Built in universal garage door openers, heated and auto dimming mirrors and a rear windshield wiper. Some models also include options such as a DVD player and backup camera.

         The features and options list on this 13 year old SUV is so long that it exceeds the options found in many mid level trim packages on brand new SUVs that cost three times as much, that is one of the reasons I was so attracted to it.

        The Interior feels robust, but not necessarily very luxurious. Let’s be honest this isn’t italian hand stitched leather but it is necessarily cheap either. The dashboard is large and oversized and though many people seem to dislike that I find it appealing. The door panels are thick and provide a comfortable place to rest your arm on long road trips. 

        All of the seats can fold for entry/exit or hauling cargo. I will admit that the third row is not very big and is really only suitable for children and when the third row is up there is virtually no trunk space. But with the roof rack and tow hitch there is more than sufficient alternative cargo space and we mostly use a receiver mounted cargo rack with an all weather cargo bag for luggage or groceries when the Commander is full with passengers.

       So the interior and options are nice, but how does it drive? Like a dream. It may have the space and the look of a large SUV with its tall roof and three row seating, but the suspension is smooth and the cab is well insulated to keep out the sounds of the road. 

       The Jeep Commander can be found with a 3.7L V6, 4.7L V8, 5.7L V8 Hem, and very rarely a 3.0 V6 Diesel. I have the 4.7 V8 and that is my preferred engine for this vehicle. The 3.7L is a little under powered for this nearly 5,000 lb vehicle and doesn’t really get better fuel economy not to mention the very dainty towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. The 5.7 Hemi is not a bad option as the fuel economy doesn’t really degrade in comparison to the 4.7 and does give you a towing capacity of 7,400 lbs if you are in need of pulling some heavier toys, but it is a large engine to stuff into that engine bay. I have 5.7 Hemi in my ram and even in that larger engine bay it is a little crowded and minor routine maintenance like changing spark plugs on the driver side requires me to remove the brake booster to get it out of the way, not to mention the Hemi has 16 spark plugs causing that routine job to cost twice as much in parts. So if you are like me and you don’t mind the slightly lower towing capacity and horsepower you may opt for the 4.7 V8 for slightly easier and more cost effective maintenance.

       Jeep is well known for producing trail ready vehicles right off the lot and though this Commander isn’t going to win any rock crawling competitions any time soon it can pretty comfortably venture off the beaten path for some family camping adventures. This commander bears the Trail Rated badge and Jeep did not just put that badge on for bragging rights. If you are so inclined to be very forward with this jeep and take a look at the undercarriage you will find that it is equipped with skid plates from front to back and not just those flimsy plastic plates that you may find on some inferior vehicles these are sturdy metal. Don’t worry about routine maintenance access though, Jeep saw fit to provide access points for the oil drain and filter so you don’t have to drop this heavy plate to change your oil. The suspension is beefy for those bumpy trails but still comfortable enough for long road trips. This one is equipped with the Quadra-Drive II 4X4 optional system that operates in full time 4 wheel drive with the option to drop it into low to get you out of trouble (or into it if you are so inclined). The Quadra-Drive II uses computer wizardry and electronic differentials to send power to the wheels with the most traction making it very hard to get this jeep stuck and making it very capable especially for a seven passenger family SUV off the road and on the trails. All of the Limited and Overland trim packages come standard with Quad-Trac II which offers pretty capable traction management though it isn’t done through electronic differentials and uses a brake traction control system, If you can find one with Quadra-Drive II I would highly recommend it but Quad-Trac II is a close second.

         I buy vehicles for a myriad of reasons: practicality, utility, comfort, price, reliability. When a vehicle marks high in all those categories there is one remaining question: How does it make me feel. The Commander makes me happy, very happy. It looks classy like a land rover and the interior is comfortable like a cadillac, but at the end of the day it is a Jeep under the hood and though I may not take it out on the trails very often, I CAN. We wanted something nice for our family of six but to go with the stereotypical minivan just didn’t feel right for our lifestyle. To drive something to the grocery store for a typical “milk run” knowing in the back of your mind that you could then head off of the road deep into the trails for some primitive camping sparks a special joy in my heart. 

        These Jeeps are not too hard to find with lower miles and well taken care of for a good price, that is why I highly recommend the Jeep Commander and also why I personally own one.